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Enrique Sarfati

Today, June 22 2015, we learned the death of a nice man, a friend always smiling and fighting; smiling to those he meets and fighting discriminations of those who share his life condition with a disability. Like those of his peers in DPI and in thedisability movement in Argentina, DPI Europe members feel deeply sad and express their profound empathy to his relatives and friends all over the world.

Enrique visiting a young girl with a disability and her mother living in a farm.Agricultural Engineer, Enrique develops a range of programs to support people with disabilities in rural areas.Vide

You were one of these rare persons who demonstrate how human being condition is sometime transcendental and how important are our contributions, we citizens with disabilities, to the world’s progress and to the human development.

Stay in peace.


Thank you Enrique, we will share what you have done

16 oct. 2013

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